Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


Do all the foods on your Thanksgiving table make you happy? Well how about combining them with a pizza? The Detroit Lions (NFL – National Football League) are offering a Thanksgiving pizza during tomorrow’s game with all the fixings. Yes, pizza with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy, covered with cheese.  GASTROINTESTINAL NIGHTMARE


Sideline stat

With £110,000 and the title on the line, one dart player pulled out all the stops for victory. And by stops we mean he wasn’t stopping his vile farts. Scotland’s Gary Anderson and Denmark’s Wesley Harms were in a match during the Grand Slam of Darts and one of the two began to break wind that was so bad it made the opponents eyes water. No word if the one who smelt it, dealt it as they’re both denying the flatulence. FART GATE


Coaches’ corner

Some parents will do anything to help their child win. In this case, a dad dressed as a referee, roamed the sidelines, even conferenced in on calls to make sure his son’s high school team won their playoff game. No one knew any different until he bragged about it on Facebook and now he’s being sued. He said "I did what was needed to make sure Naz won." DAD OF THE YEAR?