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Video has surfaced of a man proposing on mile 16 of the NYC marathon. Is it romantic or is he doing her a disservice by adding minutes to her finish time? ANY EXCUSE TO GET OUT OF THE LAST FEW MILES

Sideline stat

He only played in 10 games last season but a University of Texas basketball player returned to a standing ovation in last night’s game. Andrew Jones’ season was cut short last year while he battled cancer. He returned to practice after six months of treatment and is happily taking the court for the Longhorns this season. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING

Coaches’ corner

Washington State’s coach Mike Leach is known for his zany postgame press conferences. He has been known to give his take on anything from smoothies to losing and anything in between, but his heaping praise for his opponent’s mascot will have you befuddled and laughing all day long. HE HEARTS RALPHIE THE BUFFALO