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David Beckham was set to have a statue revealed outside of the home of his former team, the L.A. Galaxy (MLS – Major League Soccer) but James Corden had other plans. He had a fake statue made before Beckham ever saw the real one. To say the statue was hideous is an understatement. Beckham played it cool when it was revealed but when the fork lift driver “accidentally” dropped the fake statue, Beckham was obviously relieved. Corden then divulged it was all a prank. PRICELESS PRANK  


Sideline stat

It all came down to one on last night’s overtime finale of “The Bachelor.” In the ‘most dramatic ending ever,’ former NFL (National Football League) player and bachelor Colton Underwood didn’t propose but ended up with the girl he loves, Cassie. CUE THE FIREWORKS

Coaches’ corner

Some of the best players are hanging up their rackets at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis. Their opponent isn’t backing down either. A virus has made its way through the locker rooms, knocking down big names like Serena Williams. This isn’t the first time the Coachella Valley tournament has dealt with illness. In 2012, a virus took out nine players, in addition to ball kids and media members. MORE LIKE THE PARASITE OPEN