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With MLB (Major League Baseball) Opening Day next week, it only seemed appropriate that model/actress Kate Upton and Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander share their stunning wedding photos from their off-season wedding in Italy. You might remember, they had to change their wedding date when Verlander was traded to the Astros and ended up going to the World Series. He ended up missing the team’s victory parade for their rescheduled wedding. Judging by the gigantic smile on his face, he didn’t seem to mind. PICS


Sideline stat

Was a piece of you missing? The bracket busting, college basketball tournament, March Madness, resumes tomorrow with the sweet 16. (The final 16 teams left in the tournament). What to watch out for? The first game features the battle of the underdogs. University of Nevada, Reno will take on Loyola Chicago. Loyola is backed by prayers from their unofficial mascot, 98-year-old Sister Jean.


Coaches’ corner

What’s the difference between NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing), IndyCars and F1 (Formula One) Racing? Two ways to sound like an expert:

  1. The winner of IndyCar and NASCAR races are determined by completing a number of laps. F1 races are done in two hours regardless of if the total number of laps have been completed. Postrace traffic jam not included.
  2. The cars are the notable difference. NASCAR cars are an enclosed sedan (like a normal car), where F1 and IndyCar’s are an open cockpit, open wheel style. Unlike the other two, F1 teams are responsible for designing and building the car from the ground up but IndyCars go the fastest, topping off at speeds of 235 MPH. MORE ON THE CARS