Here's what everyone is talking about at the water cooler today. 


It has been an interesting few days for New England Patriots’ (NFL – National Football League) party boy extraordinaire, Rob Gronkowski. He not only held a press conference to talk about his dirt bike skills (obviously), but the horse named after him (which he is also a part owner of) pulled out of the Kentucky Derby. He then put an end to the speculation that he is retiring. Phew his life is exhausting but the good news for everyone is that he will play next season. A WEEK OF GRONK


Sideline stat

Gaining national attention, two former NFL cheerleaders sued their former teams for allegedly unfair practices. The women have agreed to settle their lawsuits against the teams for $1 if they can meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a good faith meeting to discuss binding rules and regulations for all NFL teams as it relates to the cheerleaders. No word from the league office yet. MORE


Coaches’ corner

Jenny Cavnar is leading the charge for women in sports. On Monday, the TV broadcaster for the Colorado Rockies (MLB – Major League Baseball) became the first woman since 1993 to do play-by-play on a big league telecast. (Play-by-play is the person actually talking about the play on the field vs. a color commentator who provides insight or “color” to the game action. READ