Here's what everyone is talking about at the water cooler today. 


What was thought to be a Google glitch turned out to be true. In the beginning of *NSYNC’s career they weren’t recording in fancy music studios but at Shaq’s house. The hall of fame basketball player said “This I Promise You” to the aspiring group and allowed them to record their music at his house. It was discovered this week after Shaq was listed as a member of the band on Google. But don’t worry, he didn’t take sides, he also let the Backstreet Boys record there too. GOOGLE IT


Sideline stat

For the third year in a row, ESPN felt the need to rank the 100 most famous athletes in the world with their World Fame 100 list. How did they determine this? They developed a proprietary formula that took into account an athlete’s internet search score, endorsement dollars and social media followers. Topping the list? International soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, followed closely by many of his shin guard wearing friends. Missing from the list? MLB (Major League Baseball) players – there were none. FULL LIST


Coaches’ corner

Women’s soccer player Brandi Chastain, best known for her shirtless celebration in the 1999 World Cup Finals, reached the pinnacle of her career Monday night when she was inducted into the hall of fame. Then they revealed her bronze plaque…and it was horrible. People have said it looks like actor Gary Busey, President Jimmy Carter and a horse, anyone (or thing) but Chastain. Thankfully the hall of fame said they will redo the bronze. PICS


What to watch

There’s nothing more exciting in sports than a game seven of a playoff series. The NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs have given us that gift with a final showdown between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals tonight. The winner will play the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals. (Wondering who are the Vegas Golden Knights are? Check out yesterday's sports curious question of the week. WATCH)