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In a world where nothing seems to be shocking, former NBA (National Basketball Association) player Dennis Rodman will be attending the summit next week between North Korea and United States in Singapore. Who would’ve thought back in the 90s when Rodman was dressing in drag that he would be part of such an important meeting? THE GOOD OLD DAYS


Sideline stat

Boxer Floyd Mayweather tops the Forbes list of top 100 highest paid athletes, bringing in $285 million last year. Not on the list? Any NHL (National Hockey League) players, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers or female athletes. Serena Williams was the only female on the list last year, but she took a break from tennis to give birth to her daughter. Due to her maternity leave, she only brought home $18 million, $4 million less than the #100 ranked athlete on the list. FULL LIST


Coaches’ corner

The Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that single game betting (i.e. the Super Bowl) was legal in states besides of Nevada. Yesterday, Delaware became the first state to jump on board with the Delaware Governor placing (and winning) the first bet - $10 on his beloved Philadelphia Phillies to beat the Chicago Cubs (MLB – Major League Baseball). PLACE YOUR BETS


What to watch

The Stanley Cup is on the line tomorrow night in Las Vegas. The Vegas Golden Knights are down in the series 3-1 and will have to play their best to keep the Washington Capitals from skating away with the championship. Is the impossible possible? We’ll find out tomorrow night. DEETS


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