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Choose your Halloween costume wisely. Von Miller of the Denver Broncos (NFL) allegedly hosted a cocaine-themed costume party where some people dressed up like the crackhead from the Chappelle Show or Bobby Brown. (Don’t judge, we simply report the news). The Broncos backup quarterback was arrested for trespassing blocks from the party after he wondered into someone’s home and sat on their couch. While it may be easy to connect the dots, the Broncos’ organization assures you that your assumptions around his trespassing are wrong. OKAY THEN…

Sideline stat

The Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB - Major League Baseball) are playing in their second World Series in a row and ticket prices reflect that. Prices are down 54 percent from the 2017 World Series. Game tickets are cheaper at Dodger Stadium than Fenway Park because it has 18,000 more seats than the Red Sox home field. DO YOU TAKE CHECKS?

Coaches’ corner

Big boys don’t cry...or do they? Oakland Raiders (NFL – National Football League) quarterback Derek Carr went out of a game with an arm injury. There are rumors swirling but it’s not whether or not he can play this week, but whether or not he cried on the field after the injury. He denies it. His teammates are losing faith in him and with the Raiders season looking bleak (they’re 1-5), it’s more likely that’s what he was crying over. TEARS FOR TOUCHDOWNS