Here's what everyone is talking about at the water cooler today. 


The NFL is continuing to churn out ideas to engage their dwindling audience. In tomorrow night’s Thursday Night Football game, they’ll begin using the Skycam view almost exclusively to give the audience a different perspective. The Skycam, also known as Madden Cam because of it's likeness to the Madden football video game view, looks down the field from above vs. the traditional sideline camera view.


Sideline stat

With shovels and hard hats, the Governor of Nevada and other dignitaries broke ground on the new Oakland Raiders stadium (soon to be Las Vegas Raiders) in Las Vegas. Prominently featured next to the Las Vegas Strip, the $1.9 billion stadium will open in 2020. Who doesn't love a house with a view? 


Coaches’ Corner

Baseball teams will shuffle their rosters up in the off-season. The name that everyone wants to add to their roster is Shohei Ohtani, the pitching and hitting phenom from Japan. “Japan’s Babe Ruth,” as he’s called, is now eligible to play in the U.S.