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How do you celebrate landing a spacecraft on Mars? For two NASA employees it involved an elaborate NFL (National Football League) inspired handshake. The two spent six weeks studying a handshake between two 49ers teammates earlier this season and broke it out after the intense sequence of events to land on Mars. OUTTA THIS WORLD


Sideline stat

When it comes to paying big money to play ball, no one comes close to what cricket players make. With only 14 games per season, the IPL (Indian Premier League) pays its players the most with an average pay per player, per game at approximately $349,572. The NFL is a distant second at $176,112 over 16 games. FLAT BATS ARE WHERE IT’S AT


Coaches’ corner

Kalin Bennett has claimed his place in the history books without ever playing a college basketball game. He committed to play basketball at Kent State, receiving a scholarship. Bennett is the first player with autism to receive a D1 (Division One, i.e. the division most big schools play in) scholarship. He said, “I want to make an impact not just on the court, but with kids that are struggling with the same things I am.” INSPIRATION TAKES THE COURT