Here's what everyone is talking about at the water cooler today. 


Last night, LeBron James was ejected from a game for the first time in his NBA (National Basketball Association) career. That first didn’t overshadow another first. He announced he's opening an "I Promise" school in his hometown of Akron, OH. The school will focus on students at risk of falling behind with, amongst other things, longer days and by starting classes earlier in the summer to help the students retain knowledge.


Sideline stat

In a move that’s gone over as well as a happy hour without wine, two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning has been benched. Peyton Manning’s little brother has been having a rough year but this move puts an end to his streak of starting 210 games in a row. Manning has been the only quarterback to start for the New York Giants since 2004. Fans, including a former NFL quarterback and members of the team owner’s family, are pissed.


Coaches’ corner

The countdown is on with only 71 days until the Winter Olympics in South Korea. In a Cool Runnings redux, three Nigerian bobsledders are making history. The women are the first athletes ever to represent Nigeria in the Winter Olympics. Nigeria has seen success in the Summer Olympics, but has never participated in the Winter Olympics. 


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