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University of Purdue super fan Tyler Trent has served as an inspiration to the football team all season and took on the role of honorary captain for the team in their bowl game last week. Yesterday, he lost his battle with bone cancer. His always positive outlook on life won’t be forgotten with his new book that’s hitting the shelves soon to raise money for cancer research. LEAVING A LEGACY


Sideline stat

The NHL (National Hockey League) Winter Classic saw the second biggest crowd ever to watch the Boston Bruins defeat the Chicago Blackhawks in Notre Dame’s football stadium. The record crowd drank the stadium out of beer by the second period. BEER ME


Coaches’ corner

Ohio State’s head coach Urban Meyer called his last game yesterday in the Buckeyes’ win in the Rose Bowl. The future hall of fame coach’s big win was overshadowed by a referee’s balloon catching skills. HELIUM HIJAK