Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


Serena Williams brought to light the need for the Women’s Tennis Association to have a maternity policy. Now a player can freeze their ranking when they go out on maternity leave, and hold that ranking for up to three years. (Williams lost her top ranking since she didn’t play for a year). That rule also applies for surrogacy, adoption and legal guardianship, although the special ranking period is only for two years. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER


Sideline stat

Mama always said lying will get you nowhere. Jamshedpur Football Club striker Gourav Mukhi, the youngest player to ever score a goal in the Indian Super League (soccer), was suspended after it emerged that he’s not 16 years old as once thought. In fact, he’s not even close - he’s actually 28. BUT HE’S YOUNG AT HEART

Coaches’ corner

There are some absurd college bowl game names out there (Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl anyone)? ESPN took to Twitter to ask fans to submit their own bowl game names and as usual the internet did not disappoint. Fans factored in a sponsor and away they went. Some include “The CVS Chewable Tums Bowl” and the “Costco Chips & Queso Bowl” and The “Viagra Idaho Bowl – the big blue field sponsored by the little blue pill.” (Boise State’ stadium has unmistakable blue field turf). SURE TO EXCITE FANS EVERYWHERE