Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


The now infamous kick that caused the Chicago Bears (NFL - National Football League) to lose in the playoffs, has become a beer challenge. Goose Island Brewery in Chicago is challenging fans to put their foot where their beer is. If a patron can make the 43-yard field goal that Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed, they’ll win free beer for a year. LOOKED A LOT EASIER FROM MY COUCH


Sideline stat

What do you do when your team finally wins a playoff game? Well, if you’re Dallas Cowboys (NFL) owner Jerry Jones you buy a $250 million yacht. The 360-foot yacht, which is coincidentally the same length as a football field from the back of one end zone to the other, cost him $100 million more than he bought the Cowboys team for. BUT AT LEAST THIS WON’T SINK MIDSEASON


Coaches’ corner

If you’re watching football next season, no that is not Ryan Gosling coaching the Arizona Cardinals (NFL). His doppleganger, Kliff Kingsbury, was hired as the next head coach of the team. He’s had quite the year, first being fired from Texas Tech, then hired by USC and now is the head coach of the Kardinals. (They ceremoniously changed the spelling of their name to honor the new coach). The Cardinals were the worst team in the NFL this season. CRAZY, STUPID, FOOTBALL