Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


Magic Johnson shocked the world yesterday, telling reporters before his boss that he’s stepping down as the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA - National Basketball Association) President of Basketball Operations.  The team had yet another disappointing season, missing the playoffs again even after acquiring LeBron James. Johnson, who was a legendary Lakers player, said that he “wants to go back to having fun.” A TOUGH JOB BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT


Sideline stat 

Miami Heat (NBA) player Dwyane Wade (married to actress Gabrielle Union) is calling it quits at the end of the season and in his final season, he has been collecting jerseys of opposing players to hang on his wall. He has all but five jerseys. Budweiser set up an opportunity for him to receive five jerseys, not from basketball stars but from five people that Wade impacted during his career. The meetings, which were caught on camera, included a family who lost their home in a fire right before Christmas (Wade took them shopping) and a man whose life changed forever because of Wade’s inspiring message. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING


Coaches’ corner

NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs start today and with the NBA playoffs around the corner, the league is buzzing about Utah Jazz player Kyle Korver. Everyone’s not talking about anything he did on the court but the op-ed piece he wrote about racism in the league. POWERFUL PIECE