Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


A young Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB – Major League Baseball) fan had a day she’ll never forget. Not only did she win $20,000 for her education on “Ellen” during a pitching game but she had some coaching from Dodgers star pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. The look on her face when he walked out is priceless. During his coaching, he revealed his pregame ritual that involves “taking a deep breath and riding the pony.” SUPERSTITIONS ARE ONLY WEIRD IF YOU DON’T WIN

Sideline stat

Tryin’ for Zion was the theme of last night’s NBA (National Basketball Association) draft lottery. The lottery determines the order of the draft and Zion Williamson from Duke is the player every team wants. The 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs are entered into a lottery system (think ping pong balls like an actual lottery) in hopes that their name is called for the #1 draft pick. The New Orleans Pelicans came out on top and will have the first pick in the draft. Their ticket office won for the best reaction. OVERJOYED


Coaches’ corner

The PGA Championship (which is one of four majors during the year) starts tomorrow in New York. Unlike the rest of us, pro golfers walk the courses they play, they don’t take golf carts. The PGA (Professional Golfers Association) grants exceptions for injuries but not often. For example, Tiger Woods once walked the course with a broken leg. That being said, John Daly, known for his crazy pants, will be riding in a cart due to arthritis in his knee and not everyone is a fan of the move. DRIVING MR. DALY