Here's what everyone is talking about at the water cooler today. 


Serena Williams stunned us in her first round win at the French Open sporting a jaw dropping catsuit. (This is her first win at a grand slam tournament since giving birth). Then she took it a step further and crushed our dreams dispelling rumors that she dominated the beer pong table at the royal wedding stating, “I don’t even drink beer.” BUT THAT CATSUIT…



Sideline stat

A Cleveland Browns (NFL – National Football League) rookie made a promise he may soon regret. He is wholeheartedly supporting his new city of Cleveland and promised to buy everyone a jersey who retweeted his tweet (aka shared his tweet), if the Cavs won the NBA championship. As of this morning, it has been retweeted nearly 671,000 times, putting him on the hook for close to $67 million in merchandise in event of a Cavs win. BIG MONEY



Coaches’ corner

Like you needed more proof that people are shady on social media. Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations, (NBA) Bryan Colangelo, was busted for using five burner accounts on Twitter to criticize players and former employees, disclose sensitive information and share team strategy. Rubbing salt in his wounds, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and the rest of Twitter had a field day roasting Colangelo. LOL