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James Corden has spent the week hosting his show The Late Late Show from London. Because he can, Corden put on an epic dodgeball battle between the U.S. and England, with Michelle Obama as the U.S. team captain. After her rousing speech to her team, which included actresses Melissa McCarthy and Kate Hudson, the former first lady was drilled by a ball thrown by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. WHERE’S SECRET SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

Sideline Stat

Never say never. Fans had a glimmer of hope that the legend himself, Brett Favre (NFL - National Football League), was coming out of retirement after nine years. But alas, it was too good to be true. Favre’s Instagram was hacked. HIGH HOPES

Coaches’ Corner

For many, when you make it to the NFL you’ve hit the pinnacle of your career. Not Myles Jack of the Jacksonville Jaguars, whose side hustle is making candles. He started making them for himself, learning from YouTube videos. His teammates used to make fun of him but now they make up his very long list of satisfied customers. Although he is overwhelmed by orders, he makes the product in his kitchen and every candle he sells goes toward funding for community charity events. ON FIRE