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Sometimes things are better left unsaid and that’s the case of this story from Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB – Major League Baseball) pitcher Archie Bradley. He revealed that he went for a “nervous pee” before going into a game and instead soiled himself. He tried to clean himself up but was relatively unsuccessful and had to head into the game as is. He pitched a clean inning, even though he was not. OH SH*T


Sideline stat

In one of the hottest contested games in this round of play, England will take on Belgium in the World Cup tomorrow. Both teams are guaranteed a spot in the next round, but the favorable matchups in the next round are for the second place team so neither team wants to win the game to finish first in their group. Should the game end in a tie, the winner will likely be chosen by “fair play points” since the teams have identical records. Fair play points factor in the number of yellow and red cards a team has and the winner with the least amount of penalty cards will move on. PAYS TO BE NICE


Coaches’ corner

The golf cart is the best part of golfing, unless you’re a professional. Professional golfers are expected to walk the entire 18-hole course, carts are only granted under extreme circumstances. Golfer John Daly (also known for his crazy golf pants and signature cocktail) has pulled out of U.S. Senior Open because the USGA (United States Golf Association) denied his request for a golf cart. His lawyers seem to believe with his knee injury that he’s eligible under ADA rules but the USGA denied him because he would not submit additional medical records. NO CART FOR YOU


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