Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


The world rejoiced yesterday when the entire soccer team and their coach were rescued from the cave in Thailand. Now the soccer world is rallying around them. The team has been invited to visit powerhouse Manchester United and they were also invited to the World Cup final. Sadly, they cannot attend the final as the boys are still under medical care and cannot travel. PARTY INVITE


Sideline stat

If you build it, they will come (hopefully). The Tampa Bay Rays (MLB – Major League Baseball) have consistently been at the bottom when it comes to attendance but they have unveiled plans for a new stadium. The stadium will be the smallest in professional baseball, 30,842 seats, and will be fully enclosed with a translucent roof, not a retractable dome. FIELD OF DREAMS


Coaches’ corner

France has already claimed the first spot in the World Cup final on Sunday. England and Croatia will battle it out for the other spot today at 2 pm EST. Fans in London are of course amped but have been forced to choose between soccer and other things they already have planned. Justin Timberlake is opening the doors early to his concert tonight so fans can catch the game and the concert. Sunday is not only the World Cup final but the men’s final at Wimbledon. The tennis match will not be moved to accommodate the soccer schedule should England make it. THAT'S A HARD NO