Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


If you thought Dilly Dilly was clever, the marketing team at Bud Light is at it again. They will place victory fridges full of Bud Light all around Cleveland that will open up using smart technology the instant the Cleveland Browns (NFL – National Football League) win a game. The Browns haven’t won a game since Christmas Eve of 2016 so hopefully you like your Bud Light aged and flat. BUT FREE BEER


Sideline stat

The Little League World Series (LLWS) starts tomorrow and unlike the MLB (Major League Baseball) World Series where only one international team (Toronto Blue Jays) has a chance to make it, this tournament will feature eight teams from the U.S. and eight international teams. All 30 games will be televised on ESPN and the top U.S. team will meet the top international team in the finals. KIND OF A BIG DEAL 


Coaches’ corner

Anyone who has been to Atlanta in the summer knows it’s hot but the first base coach for the Florida Marlins isn’t letting the dog days of summer get to him. His solution? Putting cold, wet lettuce under his helmet when he takes the field. He prefers cabbage, because clearly it’s more hearty, but the leafy green will do. THERE GOES THE LOCKER ROOM SALAD BAR