Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


No beer left behind. While he may have had the fastest mile in the Beer Mile World Classic, a runner was disqualified for his lack of beer drinking skills. Corey Bellemore left too much beer in his glass after that stellar mile and therefore was considered ineligible for the win. He should've known with a name like Beer Mile World Classic that they weren't messing around. CLEARLY HE WASN’T A COLLEGE STUDENT THE ULTIMATE SIN


Sideline stat

Someone finished their holiday shopping over the weekend. A World Series jersey that was once worn by legendary baseball player Mickey Mantle sold for $1.32 million. Mantle wore it in 1964 when he hit his record-breaking 17th and 18th World Series home runs. BIG FAN, BIG WALLET


Coaches’ corner

An Italian soccer team is in trouble but not for what you might expect. The ultra fans of Lazio, a team based in Rome, are trying to ban women from a specific section of their stadium. Why? Because they consider it a sacred space. That’s not going over well with the league, which also fined the team last year after supporters used anti-Semitic stickers featuring images of Anne Frank. This is the same Italian football league that is now home to soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. MAMA IS NOT HAPPY