Here's what everyone is talking about around the office today. 


On August 8, ESPN brings us “The Ocho,” a once a year, 24-hour channel inspired by the movie “Dodgeball,” featuring strange sports (think ping pong, food eating contests and kabaddi – an ancient Indian sport that combines tag, wrestling, chanting and holding your breath). TUNE IN FOR TODAY ONLY


Sideline stat

It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Noah Spence (NFL – National Football League) needed to gain weight in the offseason and it became a full-time and unenjoyable job, eating 9,000 calories a day. WHERE'S THE BEEF?


Coaches’ corner

In their first season the Las Vegas Aces (WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association) have made history. After a 25-hour travel delay to get to their game in D.C., the team landed via commercial flights 4.5 hours before the game and opted not to play for fear of injuries. It was the first cancelled game in WNBA history. Why did it take so long to get there? Per league rules, teams are not allowed to charter a jet to avoid a competitive advantage.


Even more interesting, the collective bargaining agreement for the NBA (WNBA parent company – National Basketball Association) has a provision that prevents players from playing in a game on a day in which they traveled across two time zones. HOW ‘BOUT THEM APPLES?