Sliding Into Style - 5 Things You Never Knew About Baseball Uniforms

Baseball is synonymous with hot dogs, beer and the baseball cap but it hasn’t always been that way.

Here’s to hoping these trends don’t come back into style,

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The 5 Things You Never Knew About Baseball Uniforms

1. The first official baseball uniform was made for the 1849 New York Knickerbockers. It featured wool pantaloons, flannel shirts and straw hats. Seems like ideal attire to run all over the field in the summer. FEELING HOT, HOT, HOT


2. In 1882, teams were required to wear different uniform colors to represent the positions on the field. For instance, first basemen for both teams wore red and white striped shirts and caps, while shortstops wore solid maroon. This experiment didn’t last long and by mid-season this uniform rule was abandoned. THAT’S CONFUSING


3. Players didn’t wear numbers on the back of their jerseys until about 90 years ago. Instead of wearing their own lucky number, the number corresponded to where the player was in the batting order. So, Babe Ruth wore #3 because he was the third person hitting in the lineup. GETTING LUCKY


4. Since most uniform colors were similar, teams began wearing colorful socks or stockings to differentiate one team from another. Hence why old school players pulled their pants up to the knee to show off their socks. SHOWING A LITTLE LEG


5. A baseball manager (aka head coach) is the only coach in sports to wear the same uniform as the players. It’s not because they want to blend in but because the role of coach used to be performed by the captain, who was also a player. The manager was actually the one who paid the bills and scheduled the games. As baseball advanced, the role of the captain evolved to a non-playing role and eventually into a manager/head coach as it is today – uniform and all. 


Bonus - Now that we’ve kicked it old school, what does the future look like? The Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals gave us a preview and it’s not pretty. FASHION FORWARD


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