Why are they running off the field? What’s an out? Unimaginable sports questions like those inspired brother-sister duo Amy and Scott to start Last Night’s Game. When searching for a source that breaks down sports in an easy to understand way, they couldn't find anything. Therefore they created it.

Our Readers are addicted to the short, sweet and entertaining content, delivered via a triweekly email publication and weekly podcast, and use what they've learned to join the conversation at the office, cocktail parties or on a date. 

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The Team 


Scott - Official sports nerd

Scott was born a sports fan. Rumor has it when he was a child the only way to soothe him was to turn on ESPN. At a young age he was a cute little soccer player who ran around with boundless energy and no strategy. As he grew up he excelled in sports, participating in various club teams, a diverse range of high school sports and even experimented a bit in college.

Now he channels that experience while spending his days dutifully scanning the wide world of sports to bring you the latest and greatest in sports knowledge. He's putting in the man hours so you don't have to. 

Amy - quarterback

While Amy’s athletic career was short lived she fell in love with the world of sports. That learned love for sports came in handy when she embarked on her career in professional sports. She’s lived internationally, which provides her with a global sports perspective. With a career in marketing, partnerships and public relations, the TedX speaker has mastered small talk which comes into play when breaking down sports so you can conquer your next networking event.

You can often find this married lady not sweating the small stuff while hitting the road to spread the word about Last Night's Game or talking sports with her brother and co-founder.


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The world's first sports nostalgia daily.

The world's first sports nostalgia daily.