Jumping on board the fantasy football train? Here are a few basic pointers on how it works and picking a team.

The basics

  1. A league will have a "commissioner" who sets up the rules, draft date and approves any trades (so be nice to them).
  2. Ideally there are 8-14 teams per league, who will play each other during the season. The team with the most points between the match ups wins.
  3. Don’t forget to set your lineups once a week. You have up until your first player’s team starts to adjust. Remember some teams play on Thursday night.
  4. Scoring systems and roster structure can vary league by league depending on preference of the participants so make sure to learn the rules of the league you’re in.

How to draft a winning team

  1. Here’s one phrase to have in your back pocket - PPR. When translated into plain English, it means a point per reception. So, when drafting, look for offensive players who have a lot of time with the ball and tend to score like wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. The higher the number, the better.
  2. While drafting be aware of bye weeks i.e. a week off. Example- don’t forget to bench your players when they have a bye week. Don’t draft quarterbacks with the same bye weeks because you won’t have one to play that week!   
  3. Don’t waste any of your early picks on kickers.
  4. You can spend entire day going over stats and reading commentary, at the end of the day go with your gut and have fun. 


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