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The Top 5 Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Traditions in College Football

Skip the customary annual ‘political debate over dinner’ holiday tradition in favor of these fun-filled favorites.

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1. Remember when toilet papering a house was something you did to your worse enemy? Not at Auburn University. After a win, fans toilet paper the oaks on Toomer's Corner on campus. This tradition, that started in 1972, was stopped for three years after an Alabama fan poisoned the trees, but now it’s back. Do you think desperate college students clean it up afterward to stock their bathrooms? TWO-PLY PARTY


2. A tradition at Murray State since the late 70s, a horse nicknamed Racer One runs a lap around the field at home games after a touchdown. This tradition also comes to you from the school where after couples DTR, they hang their shoes on the Shoe Tree for luck. SOLE MATES


3. After their rival Georgia Tech discontinued their annual game, Clemson Tigers fans hit back with their wallets. They spent $2 bills stamped with the team’s signature orange tiger paw logo all over Atlanta. This 40-year tradition still remains, with Clemson fans paying with said $2 bills when traveling to away games. WAIT, SOMEONE CARRIES CASH? 


4. Florida State University began a “sod cemetery” back in 1962. The team would bring back grass from their opponent’s field after a win. But now there are new rules in place. The Seminoles must be underdogs or the victory must be in a championship or bowl game to warrant a sod funeral.  REST IN PEACE


5. A tradition nearly 100 years in the making is arriving via boat for a Washington Huskies football game. Then fans relive their spring break by boatgating. They party on boats and like any other tailgate there are ping pong tables, grills, TVs and of course plenty to drink. BUT WILL THERE BE SKINNY DIPPING?

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