The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition

Yay it’s Friday! We know you’ve been eagerly anticipating the breakdown of this weekend’s NFL playoffs. 

In other sports highlights, there’s a new sportsman on the block. You’ll never guess who. You’ll be “Kicking and Screaming” when you find out.   

Enjoy the weekend. We’ll be laid up on the couch with football fever.

Snuggle up,

The LNG Team

NFL (National Football League) 

  • The NFL playoff game breakdown for your reading pleasure.  


Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans, 4:20 pm (EST) on ABC

It’s been a good year in sports for Kansas City with the Kansas City Royals (baseball) winning the World Series and the Chiefs landing a spot in the playoffs. 

Game notes

  • The Chiefs, led by QB Adam Smith, are on a 10-game winning streak.
  • In week one of the regular season the Chiefs beat Texans 27-20
  • The game is a match up of two top 10 defensive teams.
  • Texans are lead by two-time Defensive Player of the Year, JJ Watt. You might recognize Watt from TV commercials including Papa John’s and Verizon or the cover of Men’s Health Magazine.  

The winner of this game will play Denver Broncos next week in Denver. Brr! 

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals, 8:15 pm (EST) on CBS

Look out for a game filled with emotion and dare we say a little hatred as these two extreme division rivals clash on the road to the Super Bowl. 

Game notes

  • Steelers and Bengals played each other twice this season and have split the season series 1-1.
  • Things tend to get a little heated between the teams. Their last game resulted in $140,000 in fines.
  • Bengals Starting QB AJ McCarron is married to former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb. She notably stole the show and Brent Musburger’s attention during the 2013 NCAA National Championship Game.

The winner plays New England Patriots at home in Foxborough, MA. Double brr!


Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings, 1:05 pm (EST) on NBC

The weather will be a factor as it’s going to be cold and the team plays in an outdoor stadium. It’s predicted to be a high of 1°, low of -1° on Sunday in Minnesota. Surely Vikings fans are looking forward to new indoor stadium which will be ready for the 2016 season.

Game notes

  • Seahawks are the hottest team in NFC (one of the two conferences within the NFL). They are on a seven game winning streak. 
  • Seahawks beat Vikings 38 - 7 earlier in the season.
  •  Stud Running Back Marshawn Lynch is set to return after sports hernia surgery that has kept him on the bench. Lynch regularly enjoys a sideline sugar rush by indulging in Skittles throughout game.
  • The Vikings line-up includes NFL rushing champ Adrian Peterson. Peterson’s nickname is "AD" which stands for All Day as he has the ability to never stop running.
  • Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson is dating singer Ciara.

 The winner plays Arizona Cardinals at home in Arizona. Break out that t-shirt.

Green Bay Packers vs Washington Redskins, 4:40 pm (EST) on FOX

These two teams roll into the playoffs from opposite directions. The Redskins are hot (four game winning streak) and the Packers are not (losing six of last 10 games).

Game notes

  • Redskins QB Kirk Cousins was the highest rated QB in the second half of season.
  • Redskins have not beat a team with a winning record all season.
  • The two teams did not face each other during the regular season.
  • Packers starting Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is dating actress Olivia Mann. You may also recognize him from the State Farm ‘Discount Double Check’ commercials.

The winner plays Carolina Panthers at home in Charlotte. Bring a sweater.

  • Oh the suspense. 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees have been announced. Two notable names on the list are Brett Favre and Terrell Owens. For a complete list of nominees, click here. The Selection Committee Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2016, when the 46-person Selection Committee meets to elect the Class of 2016.

MLB (Major League Baseball) 

  • Standing in the hall of fame. The 2016 MLB Hall of Fame inductees are Centerfielder, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Catcher, Mike Piazza. Inductees must receive 75% of the vote from baseball writers to get into the esteemed club.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

  • Griffey revolutionized the center fielder position with his defensive ability.
  • He received 99.3% of the vote, which is the highest percentage of the votes ever received.
  • He played for the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox during his career.

Mike Piazza

  • Piazza is the lowest draft pick ever to be selected for the Hall of Fame. He was chosen in the 62nd round which means 1,390 players were selected before him. 
  • He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins (formerly Florida Marlins), New York Mets, San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics.


  • Will Ferrell joined the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) as one of the 26 stake owners in the new Major League Soccer (MLS) team.  Ferrell said, "I've never been part-owner of anything." Then he corrected himself, "Though I'm still part-owner of an '84 Toyota Camry with my brother.” Other notable owners include former MLB player, Nomar Garciaparra; Women’s Soccer Legend, Mia Hamm Garciaparra; NBA great, Magic Johnson; and author and life coach Tony Robbins. The team will begin playing in 2018. 

Sideline Stat

  • The Seahawks vs Vikings game on Sunday could be one of the coldest NFL games on record. According to USA Today, the coldest game on record was in 1967 when Dallas played Green Bay in Green Bay where the outside (yes they play outside) temp at kickoff registered -19°. This game is affectionately known as the ‘Ice Bowl.’ You think?  

Coaches’ Corner

  • Tell us more about MLS. You might have heard of a soccer player called David Beckham? Remember the hoopla that ensued when he and his beautiful bride, Victoria, moved to America? Well he moved to play for the LA Galaxy, one of the 20 current teams in MLS. These teams call cities in the US and Canada home. An expansion team in Atlanta will play their first game in 2017 with the LAFC following in their footsteps in 2018. The league was founded in 1993. For more on MLS, click here