Five Things to Know About March Madness

Need a few pointers to pick your NCAA bracket? Then you’ll love today’s Five Things to Know.

Make sure to pick your bracket for the Inaugural Last Night’s Game Tournament Challenge. We’ve submitted our picks and we’re dancing around with anticipation like a leprechaun waiting in line for the bathroom on St. Patrick’s Day.

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The Last Night’s Game Team

Five things to know about picking your NCAA tournament bracket

  1. If a team loses once they’re out of the tournament. Teams have to win six games to become champions. 
  2. No #1 team has ever lost to a #16 team.
  3. The #5 team vs #12 team matchup statistically has the most upsets (i.e. the lower ranked team - #12 - beats the #5 team).
  4. Many people pick their brackets by colors or mascots. If you pick by color, blue is a good choice as 12 of the last 15 champs had a variation of blue as their main color. If you pick by mascots, Wildcats are a wise selection (Arizona, Kentucky, Weber State, Villanova).
  5. It’s unusual to have a final four made up of all #1 ranked teams (even though they’re the best teams coming into the tournament).  In 2006, not one of the #1 seeds advanced to the Final Four. 

The reason March Madness is just that, madness, is because anything can happen. Someone who knows very little about college basketball has just as great of a chance of winning their bracket as someone who researched the crap out of it.

Moral of the story. Give it a whirl. Pick a bracket and see what all of the fuss and excitement is about. Remember to set your Last Night’s Game March Madness bracket before games start on Thursday morning for a chance to win prizes. (Free to participate).

The schedule for all the tournament games can be found here. 


  • Monmouth University was left out of the field of 68 teams for the NCAA tournament but they accepted an invitation to NIT. They’re a team to watch because they have the best choreographed bench in basketball. This highlight reel might give you some new ideas for moves to use at the club. Just saying.

Sideline Stat

  • University of Connecticut (UConn) enters the women's NCAA tournament on a 69 game wining streak, having won three straight women's NCAA championships. (A pointer if you’re picking the NCAA women’s tournament bracket…UConn is really good).  

Coaches’ Corner

  • Should you be completely stumped on how to pick your bracket, here’s another idea. CBS Sports conducted a survey of college basketball head coach’s favorite singer/band.

Notable teams

  • #1 ranked Kansas Jayhawks’ coach Bill Self: Luther Vandross
  • #1 ranked North Carolina’s coach Roy Williams: Luke Bryant
  • #1 ranked University of Virginia’s coach Tony Bennett: Boys II Men
  • #1 ranked University of Oregon’s coach Dana Altman: Rolling Stones

 Honorable Mention:

  • Seton Hall’s Kevin Willard: Beastie Boys
  • Green Bay’s Linc Darner: Meat Loaf
  • Xavier’s Chris Mack: Kid Rock