The Rundown: It's Super!

While we may not agree on the Patriots or Falcons, pizza or wings, man buns or beards (or neither), there’s one thing we can all agree on – puppies. The Super Bowl won’t be the only excitement happening this weekend.

Weekends are ruff,

The Last Night’s Game Team

PS – Since it’s our last Friday for Tailgate Treats until next football season, today we have the ultimate list of party favorites. Chow down!

NFL (National Football League)

  • Designated driver. You’ve probably heard about the revolutionary Tostitos bag with a breathalyzer built-in. Tostitos partnered with NFL player Delanie Walker whose Aunt and Uncle were killed by a drunk driver on the way home from watching him play with the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. The “party safe” bag produces a $10 Uber code if alcohol is detected.
  • Be prepared. Did you miss Wednesday’s Five Things to Know About Super Bowl 51? Don’t worry we have all you need to know for this weekend’s celebrations. Tune into the game on Sunday at 6:30 pm (EST). 

PGA (Professional Golfers Association) 

  • The Waste Management Open wraps up this weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. The Open is known for its 16th hole, the rowdiest hole in golf. The hole is enclosed with seating for over 16,000 intoxicated and wild fans. Watch the crowd celebrate Tiger Woods’ hole in one back in 1997. No golf claps here. 


  • It’s finally time for the biggest event of the year, the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, which airs on Sunday at 3 pm (EST). Teams Ruff and Fluff are armed with cuteness but the viewers are the true winners. Here’s the most adorable starting lineup you’ve ever seen.

Sideline stat

  • The NFL Network is broadcasting 80 hours of live coverage leading up to the Super Bowl. Take that Oscar award red carpet coverage.

Coaches’ corner

  • Quarterbacks are always the talk of the Super Bowl so here’s what you need to know for Sunday. (For more on the other stars of each team, click here).
    • Matt Ryan, Falcons – This is the first Super Bowl for “Matty Ice” (like Natty Ice – get it)? but he’s been anything but cold this year. He’s the top candidate for the NFL MVP.
    • Tom Brady, Patriots – Mr. Gisele Bündchen is appearing in his seventh Super Bowl and this year with his protection necklace. Brady lost his battle with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and sat out four games this year for “deflategate” at the beginning of the season. Hating Roger Goodell is one thing all Patriots fans can agree on.