The Rundown: 5 Things to Know About Sport's Toughest Interview - the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is one of the toughest job interviews in sports – it’s like an amalgamation of a CrossFit Games challenge and a police interrogation. Sounds like fun right?

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Five Things to Know About the NFL Combine

  1. Roughly 300 prospects will attend the combine (pronounced kɒmbaɪn– like a harvesting tractor) where they audition for teams to select them in the NFL Draft in April.
  2. The prospects take part in specific position driven drills and six physical events some of which include the bench press (how many times they can press 225 lbs.), three-cone drill and a vertical jump. 
  3. The 40-yard dash has become one of the most scrutinized event. Adidas is offering any player who agrees to wear their cleats and breaks the record (4.24 seconds) either an island or $1 million. In case you’re wondering, Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady holds the record for the slowest 40-yard dash for a quarterback.
  4. The teams also have a chance to interview players. Many teams interview them ‘interrogation-style’ with hard hitting and inappropriate questions in an attempt to evoke the player’s vices (drinking, drugs), ethics, failures, sexual orientation (even though technically this is illegal) or anything to get a rise out of the player. A little different than your last interview we’re guessing.
  5. This isn’t all about the brawn, their brains are tested too with the “The Wonderlic Test.” Every player takes the 50 question timed test. Curious how you stack up against the rest? Take the test. (Warning – it’s not as easy as you think).
  • Click here for more information on the combine, the schedule and where to watch.


  • The Minnesota Wild is the second NHL team (National Hockey League) in three days to confirm that at least one of their players has the mumps. This isn’t the first time this contagious illness has spread through hockey. There was an outbreak in 2014 as well.

Sideline stat

  • The world’s #1 ranked women’s tennis player Serena Williams was out for an evening stroll this week with her dog and fiancée when she came across two men playing tennis. She challenged the winner to a match. She dominated him but it of course made their night to lose to the best in the world.

Coaches’ corner

  • The combine is clearly known for its poking and prodding of the athletes. The hot topic in recent years has been a player’s hand size. (Theoretically bigger hands can handle the football better). Many players have taken up hand massages to increase their hand size. Insert your own jokes here, we’re staying out of this one.