5 Things To Know About The NFL Season

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We’re diving head first into football season. Last week, we covered the start of college football in our five things to know. This week, it’s the start of the NFL (National Football League) season, which begins tomorrow.


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Five Things To Know About The NFL Season

  1. The NFL is constantly trying to appease fans' short attention spans in a notoriously long-winded sport.  In an effort to keep TV viewers engaged, FOX will air six-second commercials, along with the traditional 15 and 30-second ones. 
  2. Formerly known as the “No Fun League,” the NFL has relaxed its rules to allow player celebrations. Yes, the touchdown dance is back. Although don’t break out your moves from the club, because a celebration that the league determines as violent, taunting, sexual or otherwise inappropriate will result in a penalty.
  3. The first Monday night of the season will feature a doubleheader, but Beth Mowins will be the big story that night. Mowins will call the second game of the evening - Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos. She is the first woman to announce a football game since 1987 and the first female broadcaster to call a nationally televised game.
  4. The New York Jets are projected to be so terrible this year that they set a record for the worst odds ever to win the Super Bowl, according to the Vegas sportsbooks. The best odds to win? The defending Super Bowl Champions, Tom Brady and his New England Patriots. Here are the odds for your team.
  5. While the minimum player salary in the NFL is $465,000 a season, remember the average career for an NFL player is 2.66 years. This season’s highest paid player is Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford at $27 million. Stafford is also the highest paid player in NFL history. But what about the cheerleaders? Read more.
  • Quick note - Due to Hurricane Irma, this week's Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Miami Dolphins game has been rescheduled to week 11. If you’re playing fantasy football, set your schedule accordingly. 

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