Shoot For The Stars

Knock your week out of the park.


Swinging for the fences,

The Last Night’s Game Team


Don't mess with me. On the road the World Series, the Boston Red Sox tied up their series with the Houston Astros (1-1). In Saturday's game, their catcher did something every player has wanted to do - nailed longtime umpire Joe West with a baseball. IT WASN'T ME 


Are you ready for Halloween? The Iowa State band is. Not only did their team beat a previously undefeated West Virginia, but during their Jurassic Park themed halftime show, they surprised everyone with dozens of dancers donning T-rex costumes. Well that is if you call having short arms dancing but regardless it’s a sight to see. BUT CAN THEY DO THE MACARENA?


2019 is the year of the women. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has done something the men’s team couldn’t - qualify for the World Cup. The women will play in the global tournament in France next summer. WHO RUNS THE WORLD?


Did you know that NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is color coordinated? If you’re watching the playoffs, you might see some cars with a lime green/yellow stripe on the front bumper, back spoiler and across the windshield. Why? Those striped cars are still in the hunt for the championship. Once a driver is eliminated from contention, the stripes are removed. The stripe is the way to determine who’s still in it to win it. FAST TRACK