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Hitting the road to start your weekend full of sports conversation.


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The Last Night’s Game Team

PS- This week’s tailgate treat is road trip friendly so you can chow down on your way to the party. YUM


Calling in reinforcements. The Washington State flag "'Ol Crimson" has been in the background of ESPN’s College GameDay broadcasts for 15 years, but the show has never visited the campus. So, when the crew arrived on campus for this weekend’s show, the city declared a state of emergency to accommodate the expected influx of fans. This is the first time a city has issued an emergency declaration in anticipation of the show's visit. THE ROCK’S NEXT MOVIE – GAMEDAY STATE OF EMERGENCY


LeBron James played in his first game as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA - National Basketball Association) last night. (They lost). Who better to wish him luck but the one, the only, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 71-year-old actor and former governor of California posted a good luck message that he recorded while pumping iron. He closed it with "Hasta la vista, baby." OF COURSE



Wade Miley’s Milwaukee Brewers are down in the playoff series against the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB – Major League Baseball). Miley started game five and is going to start in game six tonight. He will be the first pitcher in 88 years to start back-to-back games. The winner of this series faces the Red Sox in the World Series. THERE’S NO “I” IN TEAM 


The big controversy in sports this week is the fan interference call on a Houston Astros (MLB) home run. The decision to not call it a home run, cost the Astros the game and the momentum in the series. (They lost the series to the Boston Red Sox last night). There was an uproar from fans over the call, including model Kate Upton whose husband plays for the Astros, last year's World Series winners.

But what is fan interference? The rule states that “when a spectator clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball by reaching onto the field of play, the batter shall be ruled out.” But in this case the spectator did not reach into the field of play, which according to the rules means the player should not have been called out. HEY UMP, I’VE SEEN BETTER EYES ON A POTATO

What to watch

Wake up Sunday morning and say cheerio to the Tennessee Titans – San Diego Chargers (NFL – National Football League) game live from London. This is one of the handful of international games NFL teams will play in this season. ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA FOR ME