The Great Stories Behind 5 NBA City Edition Uniforms

Because a good outfit always has a story.


On the catwalk,

The Last Night’s Game Team


Background – Last season the NBA switched to Nike uniforms and did away with the traditional home and away colors. Now teams can choose whichever uniforms they want for home games. Enter the Nike City Edition uniforms.

1. The connection on this one is easy. This year's Miami Heat City uniforms are Miami Vice themed. While they’re not linen suits, the jersey and the court are decked out like the 80s. DON JOHNSON WOULD BE PROUD

2. Minnesota was home to the one, the only, Prince. The Timberwolves jerseys pay homage to the late singer. PURPLE REIGN

3. Brooklyn’s own Notorious B.I.G. was the inspiration for the Brooklyn Nets City uniforms. They feature a multi-color "Brooklyn Camo" pattern inspired by Biggie. GO BIGGIE OR GO HOME


4. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s uniforms feature patterns and lettering that reflect Oklahoma’s rich Native American culture. The uniforms are turquoise, which represents the native color of friendship and the 11th anniversary stone. The Thunder are in their 11th season. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER

5. There’s a significant military presence in San Antonio and the Spurs City uniforms are a tribute to that. In addition to donning camo, the team offered military discounts the night the jerseys debuted (November 10). SALUTE TO SERVICE


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