5 Extravagant Gifts Football Players Have Bought Each Other For The Holidays

A hidden talent of many football players is giving great holiday gifts. Although, it’s a lot easier to do when you can afford to be generous.


Dare to dream,

The Last Night’s Game Team

5 Extravagant Gifts Football Players Have Bought Each Other For The Holidays

1. Quarterbacks tend to be the most gracious (mostly because the offensive line protects their butt every game). Last year, the Alex Smith, now on the Washington Redskins (NFL – National Football League), gave his offensive line Yeti coolers and Gucci bags. A LITTLE CITY AND A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY

2. Clearly Denver Broncos Von Miller wanted his teammates to think about him in bed. He bought them all dual-temperature mattress toppers so they could dream about winning in comfort. BIG SPOON OR LITTLE SPOON?

3. Last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line did things a little differently. Instead of giving gifts, they pooled their money in order to grant special bonuses for a few staff members as a token of their appreciation. THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS

4. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (aka Ciara’s hubby) previously gifted his offensive linemen TVs and the entire team two-first class airline tickets. GO BIG OR GO…TO THE AIRPORT

5. Gifts with wheels are very popular. Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott gave his linemen John Deere UTVs and former running back Reggie Bush? He gave away segways. Hall of Fame running back (and Dancing with the Stars winner) Emmitt Smith left a key to a new Hummer in each of his linemen's lockers. Too bad they were actually for the remote-controlled version. FINALLY SOMETHING WE CAN AFFORD


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