He's Making A List...

Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s bringing the sports curious conversations for under the mistletoe.


Breath freshener not included,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NBA (National Basketball Association)

NBA (National Basketball Association) teams that made the playoffs last season will debut their Nike “Earned Edition” uniforms tomorrow. While it’s an honor to play on Christmas Day in the NBA but not sure how special the uniforms are since the majority of the teams make the playoffs. PARTICIPATION JERSEY



The Toronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League) took their talents off the ice to participate in a performance of “The Nutcracker” with the The National Ballet of Canada. TWINKLE TOES



It’s tradition for the Army cadets to do a pushup for every point scored at a Army football game. Unfortunately for the cadets, Army had a record setting win over Houston in their bowl game and they had to do 385 pushups. OH MY PECS


Coaches’ corner

The Boston Red Sox – New York Yankees (MLB – Major League Baseball) rivalry never ends. One hall of fame voter refused to cast his ballot for a worthy former Yankees pitcher, Mariano Rivera. NOW THAT’S HOLDING A GRUDGE