5 Things You Didn’t Expect From March Madness

The launch into basketball mayhem begins tomorrow. Submit those brackets and hold onto your hats for a wild ride.



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Five Things You Didn’t Expect From March Madness

1. Last year, over 70 million brackets were submitted with $6.3 billion lost in workplace productivity. Many companies have turned this into a team building opportunity with various contests, like Warren Buffet and his $1 million promise for a perfect bracket. The chances of picking a perfect bracket? 1 in 9.2 quintillion. You’re better off basing your retirement off of winning the lottery.


2. It’s not only basketball season but snipping season. Vasectomies are up during March Madness because it’s doctor’s orders to be a couch potato so men might as well heal while watching basketball.


3. Feeling blue about your bracket? That might be the ticket to winning. Louisville is the only national championship team in the past 14 seasons that did not have blue as a school color. (For what it's worth, with all of the trouble Louisville basketball has been in, they actually had to give up their national championship). 


4. More than $10 billion is expected to be bet on the tournament with only three percent of it being legally wagered in Nevada. Yep the office pool is technically illegal, but shh it’s our secret.  


5. It’s a long-standing tradition that the national champions not only cut down the nets (yes with a ladder, scissors and all) but the winning school also gets to take home the hardwood court where they won it all.


  • The single elimination tournament officially starts tomorrow, culminating with the Final Four in San Antonio on March 31 and the national championship game on April 2. SCHEDULE

  • The women’s tournament (also single elimination) begins on Friday and wraps up on April 1. Watch out for the team from UCONN, which is heading into the tournament undefeated. SCHEDULE

  • Join 70 million of your closest friends and fill out a bracket. Play in our no pressure bracket challenge for a chance to win prizes (there are even prizes for last place). Questions are encouraged and novices are welcome. Go for it because your guess is as good as anyone’s. Here’s the bracket link (password: sportscurious)


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