No More FOMO

Whether you like it or not, sports are going to come up this weekend so why not be a part of the conversation?


If you can’t beat them, join them,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

When the HR department exists for a reason. The NFL Combine took place last week. That’s where prospective NFL players show off their athletic and mental skills. Teams are known for asking intrusive questions during the interview sessions but it's come to light that some may have crossed the line this year asking players about their sexuality. As Salt-N-Pepa said, “none of your business.”



When it's back to the grind again. Serena Williams made her return to tennis yesterday, winning in straight sets in the first round in Indian Wells, CA. You may recall this is the tournament site where her husband put up the billboards proclaiming her as the Greatest Momma Of All Time.



One NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) driver has found a brilliant way to connect with fans – digital autograph sessions. Fans tweet him photos of items they want autographed (and yes some of them are weird), he digitally signs them and tweets the photo back at them. It’s brilliant – he can connect with fans and he doesn’t even have to put on pants.


Sideline stat

Tom Brady’s illustrious locks are no longer. He and thousands of others shaved their heads for charity. Their combined efforts raised over $7 million for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Brady didn't go all in, he ended up with a buzz cut but not the Mr. Clean look.


Coaches’ corner

March Madness begins on Sunday with Selection Sunday. This is where they announce which men's teams that are playing in the big college basketball tournament. The women's teams will be announced on Monday. A few terms to have you in your pocket for the weekend are:

  • Automatic bid – these are the 32 teams that won their conference tournament and are automatically in the tournament.

  • At large – these are the teams that did not win their tournament and will have to get in based on their season record. Those 36 teams will be sweating it out on Sunday until they hear their team name called.