Out Of The Office

Traffic’s light and half the office is gone, must be a Friday of a holiday week. Here’s all you need to chat up your friends at an early happy hour.


We prefer a boozy lunch,

The Last Night’s Game Team

World Cup

Your shakes from World Cup withdrawals will finally subside because the quarterfinals start this morning.


Keep an eye on the French team and their 19-year-old sensation Kylian Mbappe. Not only is he impressive on the field, has a last name that’s fun to say (em-baa-pay) but he’s also wise beyond his years. He is donating his World Cup earnings to a charity that aims to organize sports activities for children with disabilities. This includes his £17,000 per game in earnings and his £265,000 bonus. His actions have inspired others to do the same. GOOD HEART



From the “we can’t make this up file,” former FC Barcelona president (soccer team) denied allegations this week that he bought a liver off the black market for a player that needed a transplant. Éric Abidal had a successful transplant back in 2012 but the origination of the good liver, that was said to be donated by the former president’s cousin, is under investigation. GOT A BATHTUB OF ICE?


Sideline stat

It’s been a rough week for the ladies of Wimbledon with six of the top eight ranked women losing including defending champion Garbiñe Muguruza. Still in it? Serena Williams, who is ranked #25 after coming back from maternity leave. TAKING IT TO COURT


Coaches’ corner

Ronda Rousey was a trailblazer in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and yesterday she became the first woman ever inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Before she took over the octagon, UFC President Dana White said women would never fight in UFC and she proved them wrong. Rousey is now a professional WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler. GIRL POWER


What to watch

The NBA (National Basketball Association) Summer League begins today. This short-term league is meant to develop a team’s rookie and second year players. For the first time, all 30 NBA teams will be playing in the league in Las Vegas and all games will be televised. Nothing tests your young players like a vigorous schedule and the sirens of the Vegas nightlife.  SCHEDULE