Football Fashion - 5 Things You Didn’t Know

It’s not from the pages of Vogue, but college football teams still care a lot about what they wear.

Runway ready,
The Last Night’s Game Team


1. Good news for mother earth: uniforms are becoming more environmentally friendly. This year, the University of Miami Hurricanes unveiled the first-ever football uniforms made from recycled ocean waste. AND THEY LOOK AWESOME

2. Modest is hottest in college football. A few years ago, the NCAA (the governing body of college sports) banned players from wearing crop tops à la 1990. Players were tucking their jerseys under their pads to make it harder for their opponents to tackle them. Nice try. MIDRIFF-FREE ZONE

3. You won’t be able to support your favorite college player with any official NCAA swag. The organization stopped selling clothing with players’ last names and/or numbers in 2013 after being accused of trying to make money off of notable college athletes. THAT’S NOT COOL, MAN

4. Keep an eye out for the visors attached to players’ helmets. Originally designed to prevent players from getting poked in the eye, they’ve now become more of a fashion statement. Early on, things got a little out of hand, so the latest regulations require college players’ visors to be clear, made of molded material and free of any decoration. THERE’S A RULE FOR EVERYTHING

5. The first football helmet was created in 1893 by U.S. Naval Academy player Joseph Reeve. After being kicked in the head so many times, he put together a moleskin hat with earflaps to prevent further injury. His invention was later used by paratroopers during World War I. THAT'S USING YOUR NOGGIN'


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