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An emotional rollercoaster. That's how we'd describe the end of U.S. Open tournament. History was made when 20-year-old Naomi Osaka became the first Japanese player to win a major title, beating her idol Serena Williams. However, her achievement was overshadowed by massive controversy between Williams and the referee. He made some calls that many are calling sexist. WATCH THEM DUKE IT OUT



Talk about a night to remember. Most teenage girls would be elated to be crowned homecoming queen, but not Kaylee Foster. After she was crowned the homecoming queen at her high school in Mississippi, the kicker ditched her crown and made the game-winning field goal in overtime to secure her football team’s victory. NOW THAT’S A NIGHT CAP



The last time the University of Kansas Jayhawks won an away game, iPads weren't even around. The team won their first away game in nine years this weekend. Not to be outdone, the Cleveland Browns (NFL - National Football League) snapped their 17-game losing streak by ending their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a tie. (You may remember the Browns are the team that hadn't won a game since Christmas Eve 2016). YES, AN NFL GAME CAN END IN A TIE



The controversy during Serena Williams' big match stemmed from the "no coaching" rule. According to official tennis rules, coaches can't communicate with their players at all during a match. Williams' coach did admit that he was trying to give help from the stands, but Williams claims she didn't ask for it. Now many are saying the rule should be changed to avoid future mishaps. DON'T CALL HER A CHEATER




During tonight's New York Jets (NFL) game, rookie Sam Darnold will become the youngest quarterback to start a season opener in over 50 years. The 21-year-old quarterback will be hoping to lead his team to a victory over the Detroit Lions. START 'EM YOUNG