Fabulous Friday

You made it to Friday of the longest short week so far this year.


Here’s your reward,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS – It may be too cold in your neck of the woods, but at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA where the College Football National Championship Game will take place on Monday, it’s perfect temp for a tailgate party. So how about a Tailgate Treat? DELICIOUS DOGS


It appears fans have had enough of Alabama and Clemson appearing in yet another College Football National Championship Game. Ticket prices for Monday’s game have plummeted. Tickets to get in the building start at $150, compared to $1,700 last year. (FYI - Alabama played Georgia last year but the previous two years featured Clemson vs. Alabama). If you want to know more about Monday’s game check out our Five Things To Know. CHEAPER THAN DINNER AND A MOVIE


If you thought your New Year’s resolutions were lofty, consider former NFL (National Football League) player Jared Allen’s goal to make the 2022 Winter Olympics. Following through on a bet to make it to the Olympics in some sport, he and a few other retired NFL players have fallen in love with curling. The team has been laser focused on their end goal so don’t be surprised if you see them in red, white and blue in 2022. WHY NOT?



It’s been a good year for the NFL (National Football League). After two years of falling ratings, their television ratings are up by 5% this year. Even better? Out of the top 50 shows of the year, 40 of them were NFL games. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP


The NFL has never been a friend of gambling and casinos until now. With single game sports betting now legal across the U.S., the NFL has opened its arms to a casino sponsor and lots of dough. They inked a deal with Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the first ever casino partner for the league, for a rumored $30 million a year. A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME?