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The Last Night’s Game Team

U.S.A. Gymnastics

Simone Biles is at it again. This weekend, she once again impressed the world by pulling off two groundbreaking moves at the world championships. One of two moves, the triple double during her floor routine that involves a double backflip with three twists, will now officially be named the “Biles II.” In order to have a move named after a gymnast, they must do the element in either the world championships or the Olympics. SHE MAKES IT LOOK SO EASY



NFL (National Football League) reporter Erin Andrews is doing something she’s always wanted to do, create her own clothing line. Her motivation to conquer her dream came after being diagnosed with cervical cancer and undergoing successful surgery in 2016. Her new line features wardrobe staples for the female fan that represent all 32 NFL teams. REALIZING A DREAM

Sideline stat

Former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player Tim Tebow may be the epitome of fitness but he was no match for the inmates in a Texas prison. The athlete, who was visiting the prison to speak about religion, lost a push-up competition to an inmate who dominated Tebow by pounding out 84 push-ups to Tebow’s 71. FIRE UP THE TESTOSTERONE


Coaches’ corner

It’s no longer unusual to have a tweet change the course of an organization and the Houston Rockets (NBA – National Basketball Association) found that out the hard way. The Rockets general manager tweeted a message out in support of the Hong Kong protesters. Well, China’s official basketball association, led by hall of famer and Rockets’ legend Yao Ming, didn’t like that and said that it will suspend cooperation with the team because of it.  280 CHARACTER DEMISE


What to watch

Pittsburgh Steelers’ (NFL) quarterback Mason Rudolph took a vicious hit to the head during Sunday’s game. To add insult to injury, the cart taking him off the field broke down. YOU HAD ONE JOB