Ball So Hard

Dominate your week like Childish Gambino at the Grammys.


Setting records,

The Last Night’s Game Team

AAF (Alliance Of American Football)

The new football league had a solid debut weekend, drawing better television ratings than the NBA (National Basketball Association). Twitter also had a ball this weekend, roasting the Alliance referees for their very odd and unflattering uniforms. IF THE LOOK WAS FOOT LOCKER MEETS BULLETPROOF VEST



While there was zero chance pop star Ariana Grande was going to show up to the Grammys last night, there’s also a slim chance that she’s ever going to be seen at a hockey game again. Over the weekend, it came out that Grande was hit with a rogue hockey puck not once, but twice at a Florida Panthers (NHL – National Hockey League) game when she was younger. NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY


Sideline stat

Lindsey Vonn is throwing in the towel on her career on the slopes. As only she could do, she made history before calling it quits. Vonn became the oldest woman, age 34, to medal in the World Championships when she took home a bronze medal in the downhill. SETTING THE BAR HIGH


Coaches’ corner

A flying rodent may have caused a rabies outbreak at an Indiana Pacers (NBA – National Basketball Association) game. A bat interrupted a Pacers game and fans that had bare skin contact with said bat may have to get a rabies shot. A THREE-POINT SHOT


What to watch

Today starts the official Westminster Dog Show. We’ll soon learn which breed is the best in show but over the weekend Rudy the bulldog won America’s hearts. Bulldogs aren’t known for being agile but he showed off his speed in the Westminster agility contest, clocking in at 46.63. (The winner, a border collie named Verb, clocked in at 32.05). RUN LIKE THE WIND