The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

A little Oscar glamour and laughter with a side of disturbing news to start your Monday.

Good news, bad news,

The Last Night’s Game Team


It’s the story that everyone is talking about. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is facing misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution charges. The charges came about as part of a larger crackdown on a human trafficking ring in South Florida. Kraft denies "categorically" denies "any illegal activity" but police say they have video evidence. IT WASN’T ME


Serena Williams took the biggest stage in Hollywood last night at the Oscars. She not only presented the movie “A Star Is Born” but during the commercials she headlined a powerful new Nike ad. A STAR INDEED


While you may know him as Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, one Twitter user knows him as his savior. The former NFL player has always been known for his generosity but Friday he took it a step further, helping one of his followers avoid eviction by helping him pay his rent. HI FIVE 85


The Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA – National Basketball Association) thought it was a great idea to have rapper Ja Rule perform at halftime during their 90s night. Well it seemed like a great idea until he botched his performance and then put a championship curse on the team. PUT IT ON ME


A dad mic’d up his up his four-year-old son during his hockey practice to “figure out what was going on out there.” The little boy didn’t disappoint, talking during his time on the ice about taking a nap, going to “BaDonald’s” (McDonald’s) and trying really hard to skate with two feet. CRYING LAUGHING