5 Sports Teams That Are Saving The Planet

Earth Day is around the corner. How about ditching the hot dogs for kale in an effort to save the planet?


Green is good,

The Last Night’s Game Team

1. The Cleveland Indians (MLB – Major League Baseball) were the first MLB team to install a wind turbine to power their stadium. Their stadium is now 100 percent powered by renewable energy from wind power. BLOWN AWAY


2. The Forest Green Rovers, a soccer team from Western England, are leading the charge to go green. They claim the title as the only vegan football (i.e. soccer) club in the world. Since 2015, there have been no animal products for sale in the stadium. Some of the players eat non-vegan outside of the stadium (and there are paparazzi photos to prove it), but some have adopted the vegan lifestyle. The team is also the world’s first U.N. certified carbon-neutral sports club. NO MEAT PIES FOR YOU

3. Pocono Motor Speedway’s (NASCAR - National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) green efforts not only benefit the earth but you. The raceway runs completely on solar power and has sheep for lawn mowers but has an industry specific problem – what to do with as many as 600 used tires after a race? Answer – recycle. The recycled residue from old tires is used in everyday items such as portable speed bumps, the anti-fatigue mat in your kitchen or playgrounds. WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD

4. The Boston Red Sox (MLB) home field advantage is an urban farm. The rooftop farm generates 5,900 pounds of produce annually to be used in the stadium. BATTING FOR BROCCOLI

5. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons (NFL – National Football League) and Atlanta United (MLS – Major League Soccer), boasts 4,000 solar panels and features a 680,000 gallon cistern that collects rainwater to irrigate vegetation and helps prevent flooding. GREEN WITH ENVY


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