This One Goes Out To All The Ladies

A good chat with mom on Mother’s Day (or any day) is exactly what she wants.


Giving you a little something extra to talk about,

The Last Night’s Game Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

Real men wear pink and that applies to all MLB games on Sunday. In honor of Mother’s Day, players will use pink bats and wear pink uniforms. The pink is all part of the annual initiative, "Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer.” MOMS ROCK


Yesterday was an especially rough day for the White House Communications Department. Their lack of sports knowledge was put on full display to the world. They announced that President Trump was welcoming the Boston Red Socks, MLB World Cup Series Champions. Turns out they’re actually the Boston Red Sox that won the World Series, not the World Cup Series. Nothing a little Google search couldn’t have fixed. AND JUST LIKE THAT THE LNG TEAM IS ON A PLANE TO D.C.


Sideline stat

What does one do when cruising the streets of London in a Bentley? Send text messages, of course. That ill-advised (and slightly illegal) move landed global soccer heartthrob David Beckham enough points on his driving record to lose his privileges behind the wheel for six months. POSH SPICE IS NOT A CHAUFFEUR


Coaches’ corner

Hollywood knows how to do drama, so you wouldn’t expect behind the scenes of the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) to be any different. You may remember Magic Johnson quit the front office and then they parted ways with their head coach. Now they can’t find a new coach to save their lives. Fans have had enough and are planning a protest today. CAN’T LEBRON JUST DO IT ALL?


What to watch

Will he or won’t he? Rumors are swirling that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (NFL - National Football League) has a cameo in Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” episode. No word if his girlfriend Danica Patrick will be tuning in. WE’LL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH