Festive Friday

Because there’s never a dull moment in sports.


Celebrating the weekend,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

Quarterback Matt Barkley is a trendsetter but not for his style. He requested his professional football salary be paid in Bitcoin. Shockingly, the answer was no. DOES NOT COMPUTE



Candy will fall from the sky at the Altoona (pronounced al-tuna) Curve (Minor League Baseball) game on Sunday in Altoona, Pa. After the game, a helicopter will drop "hundreds of pounds of candy" on the stadium. DREAMS DO COME TRUE


Sideline Stat

The NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) All-Star race is on Saturday with $1 million on the line. It’s not too late for drivers to get in but at this point in the game, the only way to get in is by fan vote. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., recognizes this short timeline and has promised to grow a mullet if fans vote him in. Voting ends today at noon EST. Also keep an eye out for Kevin Harvick’s millennial car in Saturday’s race. FAST AF



Coaches’ corner

You may remember British tennis player Andy Murray for his dominating play on the court or his unfortunate unveiling of his twig and berries. He now has an even more memorable career accomplishment, becoming a knight. Sir Andy received the honor yesterday at Buckingham Palace. Although he has been plagued by injury and it’s uncertain whether or not he’ll return to the courts. WIELDING A SWORD



What to watch

Since there will be no horse competing for the Triple Crown in this weekend’s Preakness, tune in for the porta potty races. Yes, willing fans (we didn’t say sober) sprint across the top of temporary bathrooms in an effort to win the race. IT RARELY ENDS WELL, BUT IT’S DARN FUNNY