Going Global

Grab your passport and here’s a little something to talk about with your seatmate on the plane.


Hello world!

The Last Night’s Game Team

Women’s World Cup

It’s all on the line in today’s France-United States Women’s World Cup game. The ticket prices are through the roof for this highly anticipated loser goes home game between the host country (France) and the defending champions (U.S.A). If you’re going to watch a game, this is it. Besides it’s a good excuse for an early happy hour or a drinking lunch with the game starting at 3 pm EST. WE’LL DRINK TO THAT



One Grand Junction Rockies fan (the minor league baseball team for the Colorado Rockies – MLB – Major League Baseball) wanted the team to change their mascot to something unique to Grand Junction. He landed on the fish called the Humpback Chub. Others heard about this possible name change and it started trending on Twitter. The team wasn’t having it and made a slightly awkward statement proclaiming that by suggesting that they would be called the GJ “Chubs” is offensive. OH TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL DURING THAT DISCUSSION


Sideline stat

We’ve heard of lucky bamboo but it saving a baseball team’s season? The Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) were on a seven-game losing streak until their second baseman brought in a bamboo plant. Now they’re on a four game winning streak. SHARE THE WEALTH?


Coaches’ corner

It seems like everyone is in Europe this weekend including the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The rival teams are playing the first-ever regular season MLB games in London. Baseball is quite foreign to the country but the games are still expected to draw larger crowds than the Cricket World Cup, a much more popular sport in England (see Ed Sheeran), that’s also in town. (For the record, Prince Harry will be at Saturday’s baseball game).


And in case you needed further proof that the Red Sox aren’t like the rest of us, they flew “the most luxurious jet in the world” to London, costing the team $500,000 for the six hour journey. WHO NEEDS DRINK COUPONS?


What to watch

It’s going to be Sunday Funday for some NBA (National Basketball Association) teams because NBA free agency starts on Sunday. That’s when teams are able to approach players on other teams and a lot of high profile players will be on the move. IS THERE A FLOW CHART FOR THAT?